About UMC

UMC getting a pool ready for summer.

Utility Maintenance Contractors, LLC has all the tools necessary to make your next project a success. Our highly trained personnel work with the industry’s latest equipment to ensure a quality finished product completed in the safest environment for the public, themselves, and your workers and clients. We have been providing infrastructure maintenance and rehabilitation services to industrial, municipal, manufacturing, and process plant clients for nearly twenty years. From wastewater treatment plants, power generation facilities and refineries UMC can extend the working life of your infrastructure at a fraction of the cost and down time required for replacement.

Key personnel include engineers, estimators, project managers, and superintendents with decades of experience in all types of rehabilitation. Projects begin with a thorough analysis of existing conditions and a discussion with the owner to establish what goals are to be met with the project. We recognize that many projects have multiple solutions over a broad spectrum of constraints including budget, access, facility down time, etc. Our goal is to provide the best solution for your problems, taking all of these factors into consideration.

UMC is owned and managed by James L. Tadtman. Throughout his prominent career, Mr. Tadtman has earned a reputation for fairness and integrity while dealing with numerous owners on scores of projects. His attention to safety and detail has been inspiring to his managers and foreman. He is respected by his peers in many construction industries.