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Settled Home Foundation, and Crawlspace repair

Here is one of the push piers installed on the home. After all piers are installed, soils are put back to rough grade for proper drainage.

We always tuckpoint our jobs, to reseal the grout lines on brick homes. This gives it a good finished look as well as keeps the environment out of the structure.

Shown here is the average lift of the house. Lots of settling had occurred here

Southwest Suburban Denver Water and Sanitation District – Denver, CO

Utility Maintenance Contractors was contracted by SEH Engineers and SWSDWSD to eliminate infiltration on 15 of the district’s manholes. The structural condition of the manholes was acceptable so after proper surface preparation, UMC spray applied 125 mils of 100% solids epoxy to the manhole barrel section, bench and invert for a completely sealed manhole. We were able to utilize flow-through plugs instead of a bypass system to keep costs to the owner down. All traffic control, ROW permitting, and water use permitting for the ~2,500 SF total of coated surfaces was obtained by UMC prior to the start of coating operations. This effort minimized the required efforts of time and energy on the part of the owner and the engineer, and the project was completed safely, ahead of schedule, and on budget.

Western Farmers Power Corp. – Mooreland, OK

Layne subcontracted the installation of two 16 inch diameter gate valves located on Western Farmers Power Corp. grounds to UMC. We were selected based upon our experience with valve installation and ability to handle asbestos pipe and its disposal. A small crew was mobilized to assist Layne in completing this project. All materials and excavation was provided by others, labor and supervision were the only responsibilities UMC had. Both installations were successful and completed ahead of schedule.

Truck Parts – Wichita, KS

UMC has completed two separate epoxy lining projects for this client. Both projects consisted of rehabilitation of concrete oil/grease troughs located in their building. High pressure water was used to properly clean the surface before epoxy coating.

Sugar Creek Packing Co. – Frontenac, KS

This project arose when Wildcat Construction Company, Inc. was installing new sewer line and manholes and the originally specified manhole lining had failed. UMC was brought in to assess the failure and come up with a solution. After an on-site inspection it was determined that the original lining could be completely removed and monolithic epoxy lining could be applied. Using this method also allowed UMC to coat all of the exposed piping for corrosion protection.

Sanitary Sewer Maintenance/Inspection – St. Mary’s, KS

UMC was low bidder on an annual sanitary sewer cleaning and CCTV inspection contract. This project included approx. 24,000 linear feet of pipe each year. Our experienced employees have been able to provide quality services and continue to keep the city satisfied with our work.

Sand Creek Interceptor – HDR Constructors, Inc. Denver, CO

UMC was contacted by HDR Constructors, Inc. for coating of a newly constructed diversion structure and some repair work to manholes damaged during the clean-up of Sand Creek after the fall flooding of 2013. Metro Wastewater Reclamation District is the owner of the interceptor that parallels Sand Creek in this particular area, and MWRD requires Warren Environmental Epoxy as one of the few products approved for use on their waste water infrastructure. A couple of the damaged manholes had been previously coated with 100% solids epoxy and required repair at the joints. HDR also contracted UMC to coat the new lids and risers added to raise the structures out of the Creek. On the first mobilization it was determined that the required 28 day cure time had not passed for one of the structure lids. HDR asked that UMC come back again after the proper cure of the concrete to perform that work in addition to another 3 manholes requiring coating.

Reconstruction of Stage One Flocculators – Wichita, KS

City of Wichita put this project out for competitive bid and UMC was the low bid. Project overview was the labor and equipment to safely remove existing flocculator paddles and shafts, replace shafts with new ones provided by the City and reattach paddles once the City had finished repairing them. The difficulty with this project was safely handling the weight of the solid steel shafts. Use of a boom truck was needed in order to raise and lower shafts into flocculator basin. Only minor challenges arose during the project but UMC and City employees were able to overcome them and complete the project.

Mennonite Housing Rehabilitation Services, Inc. – Wichita, KS

UMC was contracted in to install approx. 500 linear feet of concrete storm sewer pipe and all associated inlet boxes and rain leaders for a new housing development project. All work was self-performed and passed all final inspections. Part way through the project an additional manhole was added to the scope of work due to existing communication equipment which could not be moved. This manhole was located in the middle of a residential street and required traffic control and street closure to complete the work safely.

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