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Dillards Water Proofing Repair – Wichita, KS

Dillards at Towne East had experienced some water leaks in the management office. UMC was chosen to remove the old water proofing, and reapply new which included removing sprinkler lines, EFIS systems, etc.

Manhole Replacement – Larned, KS

The city of Larned contacted UMC upon discovery of a collapsed sanitary sewer manhole.  Due to high levels of H²S gas the concrete manhole had been corroded from the inside out and the surrounding soil pressure caused a collapse.  UMC was hired to stabilize the existing manhole while a new precast concrete manhole was manufactured.  Once the new manhole was delivered on site UMC managed the bypass pumping operation and the installation of the new manhole. The new manhole was coated with 100% solids epoxy and an inside drop was installed to prevent further corrosion caused by sewer gases.

Cooling Line Internal Pipe Repair – Dallas, TX

UMC completed two separate composite repair projects on sections of pipe for this client. The first project consisted of the internal composite repair of 10 LF of 24 inch PVC cooling water line including 2 each 45 degree mitered bends. The cracks around the mitered bends were filled with grout and then the entire area in question was prepped and coated with 100% Solids Epoxy layered with carbon fiber. For the second project, UMC was called upon to find and repair several damaged areas inside a 24 inch diameter PVC cooling water line. UMC was able to locate the damaged areas in the pipe by CCTV and pressure testing of four separate 24 inch cooling lines. Once UMC was able to determine which areas were damaged and causing leakage, we were able to prep and coat the surface with 100% Solids Epoxy layered with carbon fiber. After the repairs were completed and the epoxy was cured-out, the line in question was once again pressure tested to ensure that the repair was effective.  Both of these projects required stringent lockout-tag out and confined space entry procedures due to the location of the pipes. UMC was able to carry out all work efficiently and without incident.

Splitter Box Rehabilitation – Golden, CO

UMC was called upon to carry out the coating of a severely deteriorated industrial waste structure with 100% solids epoxy, approximately 1,600 SF. UMC’s crew mobilized and removed four slide gates and their associated assemblies, handrails and catwalks in order to access the interior of the concrete structure. After masking the remaining steel surfaces and bolts, we applied a monolithic coating of epoxy to the complete interior of the structure to protect the surface from corrosion caused by wastewater and to ensure the longevity of the structure. After the coating was fully cured our crew replaced the slide gates, handrails and catwalks. One of the challenges associated with this project was that flow had to be diverted by using plugs on 5 different pipes ranging from 24” to 36”. UMC was able to complete all work safely, on budget and on schedule. 

City of Wichita Treatment Plant 2 Headworks Improvements – Wichita, KS

The City of Wichita Public Works and Utilities was experiencing severe erosion in three separate concrete structures at their wastewater treatment facility totaling approximately 5,600 interior square feet. The level of erosion was to the point that, if left untreated, it would jeopardize the structural integrity of the concrete. UMC was called upon by the prime contractor, Dondlinger Construction, to patch and coat the interior of the structures with a four-step cementitious and epoxy coating system that is specifically designed to be highly abrasion resistant. After the concrete surfaces were prepped with abrasive blasting and high-pressure washing, the areas that experienced the highest amounts of erosion were built-back to the original wall dimensions using a cementitious patching material. In addition to the patching, one of the structures had two areas with active ground water leaks that had to be fixed in order for the coating system to be applied properly.  After the leaks were stopped and the cementitious build-back was complete, the next three epoxy coats were hand-applied to create a monolithic epoxy coating that is highly chemical and erosion-resistant. What made this project particularly challenging was that UMC had to complete the work on a very tight schedule due to the city’s high daily cost of bypass pumping that was required to allow UMC to enter the structures. Another challenge was accessing the areas to be coated due to the fact that the structures were 20-30 feet below grade.  As always, safety was UMC’s top priority on this project and the work was completed without incident.

Pre-Acidification Tank – Golden, CO

UMC recently completed the interior coating of a 55 ft. x 44 ft. bolted steel tank with approximately 5 mils of spray-applied epoxy primer and approximately 80 mils of spray-applied polyurea topcoat. The tank was experiencing severe corrosion on the center support column, the upper tank walls, and the roof beams. The complete interior of the tank had to be wet- abrasive blasted in order to remove any existing rust or corrosion. This also provided us with the proper profile to ensure that the coating would bond properly to the steel substrate. UMC removed the existing support column and roof beams and replaced them with new beams that we coated off-site prior to beginning the project. After the roof of the tank was coated and the beams were installed, we completed the coating of the walls and the floor of the tank. UMC had to overcome several obstacles in the completion of the tank, including having to race the November weather in order to beat the Colorado freeze due to the sensitive nature of the tank contents. Another challenge was containing the copper slag blast material that was used to the inside of the tank in order to avoid any negative impact on the environment. Safety and quality are of utmost importance here at UMC, and we took every step possible to provide a high quality project that was completed on a tight schedule and without incident.

Petroleum Refinery Manhole Rehabilitation – Oklahoma, USA

A petroleum refinery in Oklahoma was experiencing seepage on a 30 inch oily water sewer line. In order to help fix the infiltration the pipe had been rehabilitated by installing CIPP the length of the line. After the pipe-lining was completed UMC was called upon to rehabilitate and epoxy-coat multiple manholes and structures on the newly-lined pipe. UMC began by stopping any points of infiltration in the structures. After the leaks were controlled the cement and brick structures were coated with 250 mils of 100% solids epoxy. The coating was tied-in to the CIPP liner in order to create a monolithic structure that extends the entire length of the rehabilitated sewer line and will provide lasting protection against corrosion and infiltration. The strict safety requirements set forth by the refinery were met and exceeded by UMC for the duration of the project.

Conveyor Head Section Relocation – Wichita, KS

UMC was called upon by a soybean processing plant to relocate a 4,000 lb. drag conveyor head unit used to process soybeans. The objective of the project was to relocate the conveyor head from the third floor of the plant to the second floor in order to create additional space for machinery on the third floor of the plant. In order complete the project, UMC was able to remove sections of the conveyor casing, shorten the 1,000 lb. chain drag inside the conveyor casing, and remove and re-build the existing catwalk surrounding the conveyor head. The final step required re-fabricating and re-lining the discharge chute installed alongside the conveyor head. To safely lower the conveyor head and chain drag, UMC set up heavy-duty rigging rated to handle the conveyor head load. The project was required to be completed during a 10-day plant shutdown, a deadline which UMC met. During this project, UMC employees utilized their exceptional mechanical and fabrication skills to complete the project. As always, safety was UMC’s top priority on this project and the work was completed on schedule and without incident.

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