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Kansas Fence – Bushton KS

UMC was hired by Kansas Fence to perform hydro-excavation for the installation of fence posts near a natural gas plant.  Due to the risk of hitting utilities using conventional excavation, hydro-excavation is the preferred method.  We have different sized vactor-truck units to accommodate all of our clients needs.

Denver Metro Wastewater Reclamation District – Denver, CO

UMC was subcontracted by Wildcat Construction Colorado to complete the epoxy lining portion of the “Par 1136 – Diversion Structure Rehab” project. This work included the epoxy lining of moderately to heavily deteriorated concrete diversion structures, approx. 14,000 SF. One of the difficulties that this project presented was that not all of the structures could have their flows diverted while the coating work needed to be done. With a lot of planning UMC was able to safely complete all work on schedule.

Dam Diversion Gates Replacement – Arkansas River

Wildcat Construction subcontracted the removal of existing gates and fabrication/installation of replacement gates to UMC. There were three areas with significant damage to concrete which was rehabilitated to prevent further issue. For the gate work a local welder/fabricator was brought on to help complete this work. The challenges of this project were mostly the design and fabrication of new gates to match the existing gates which were built more than 30 years ago. The river bed was pure sand so maneuvering equipment did take some patience. Project was completed on time and on budget.

Containment Wall Rehabilitation – Wichita, KS

Through a relationship with a local concrete contractor UMC was made aware of some concrete corrosion at one of Wichita’s processing facilities. The damage was described as chemical corrosion of concrete containment walls around two chemical tanks. Once a site visit was conducted it was determined that 100% solids epoxy and a mortar build-back material would be an adequate solution. The mortar was used to build-back the profile of the concrete walls where the corrosion was the most severe. With the possibility of more exposure to chemicals 100% solids epoxy was used to topcoat all repaired surfaced.

Conifer Marketplace – Conifer, CO

Utility Maintenance Contractors, LLC was contacted by the property management company for a small shopping center in Conifer, CO with complaints of infiltration in one of the wastewater manholes on their property. Another contractor had previously tried to stop the infiltration at the bench with some cementitious product which resulted in relocating the infiltration point to an area near the invert at the pipe penetration. UMC mobilized and was able to inject hydrophilic grout through the barrel section of the manhole to eliminate the infiltration in that area. Knowing the budget constraints of a small mountain shopping center, we proceeded to coat the bottom portion of the manhole to eliminate the chance of further spread of infiltration. Total time from the first date of contact to project completion was less than two weeks with all coating work happening in one day and no disruption of service or impact to the owner.

Colorado Springs Utilities – Colorado Springs, CO

Colorado Springs Utilities was having serious infiltration issues with a manhole next to one of its lift stations. This particular manhole housed a pressurized pipe with flow meters that had been covered by surcharged ground water to the point that the utility was unable to attach sensors to read the flow on the pipe. CSU contacted UMC to mitigate the infiltration and bring the manhole back to a functional state. Infiltration at the pipe penetration was constantly flowing and required hydrophilic grout to seal the leaks from the outside. Our crew mobilized and injected the grout allowing the manhole to be dried for application of the epoxy. After masking the pipe and meters in the manhole, a monolithic coating of epoxy was applied to ensure the manhole would remain dry and functional. This procedure was performed in a single day with no digging required and no interruption of service to the district or end users.

City of Park City – Park City, KS

UMC was low bidder on a remove/replace of a heavily deteriorated brick sanitary manhole, approx. 17’ deep. Bypass for this project was self-performed and approved by the city. The immediate challenge associated with this project was the close proximity of our planned excavation to existing communications and power lines. Coordination with AT&T and Westar was required to complete this job. A precast concrete manhole was installed and this job was completed without any interference to resident’s sewer services.

City of Laramie, Wyoming – Simon Contractors – Laramie, WY

Simon Contractors was in the process of installing a new road and all associated utilities when they discovered that the waste water piping material was too flexible to form a water tight seal at the manholes. They contacted Utility Maintenance Contractors for a solution to the infiltration problems on 12 manholes. With UMC’s quick mobilization and production rate, the contractor was saved 10’s of thousands of dollars in bypass costs. Installation of 250 mils of 100% solids epoxy solved their infiltration problems and the project was completed at cost and on schedule.

AGCO Corporations – Hesston, KS

AGCO has been a long standing client of ours. UMC has been providing industrial cleaning and maintenance services on a scheduled and emergency basis. Their paint department is where the majority of our services are utilized. An average crew of 4 to 8 workers has the task of cleaning out AGCO’s large paint pits with the use of vactor trucks. This work also requires a fair amount of sweat and hard labor from each worker. We are proud to be the cleaning and maintenance contractor AGCO has selected.

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