Utility Maintenance Contractors, LLC



Southwest Suburban Denver Water and Sanitation District – Denver, CO

Utility Maintenance Contractors was contracted by SEH Engineers and SWSDWSD to eliminate infiltration on 15 of the district’s manholes. The structural condition of the manholes was acceptable so after proper surface preparation, UMC spray applied 125 mils of 100% solids epoxy to the manhole barrel section, bench and invert for a completely sealed manhole. We were able to utilize flow-through plugs instead of a bypass system to keep costs to the owner down. All traffic control, ROW permitting, and water use permitting for the ~2,500 SF total of coated surfaces was obtained by UMC prior to the start of coating operations. This effort minimized the required efforts of time and energy on the part of the owner and the engineer, and the project was completed safely, ahead of schedule, and on budget.