Settled Home Foundation, and Crawlspace repair

Here is one of the push piers installed on the home. After all piers are installed, soils are put back to rough grade for proper drainage.

We always tuckpoint our jobs, to reseal the grout lines on brick homes. This gives it a good finished look as well as keeps the environment out of the structure.

Shown here is the average lift of the house. Lots of settling had occurred here

Mennonite Housing Rehabilitation Services, Inc. – Wichita, KS

UMC was contracted in to install approx. 500 linear feet of concrete storm sewer pipe and all associated inlet boxes and rain leaders for a new housing development project. All work was self-performed and passed all final inspections. Part way through the project an additional manhole was added to the scope of work due to existing communication equipment which could not be moved. This manhole was located in the middle of a residential street and required traffic control and street closure to complete the work safely.