A Firm Built on Rock Solid Relationships


A Firm Built on Rock Solid Relationships


A Firm Built on Rock Solid Relationships


Safe Quality Solutions


UMC was developed in 1972. Our motto, “Safe Quality Solutions”, is a representation of the safe, quality work that we have been providing our clients for over 40 years. UMC specializes in building long term relationships by repeatedly providing exceptional quality products and personnel, and an outstanding safety record.

This site is an introduction to who we are, what we do, and how we will solve your infrastructure needs. Please call with any questions, 316-945-8833.

Coatings services include corrosion protection, structural enhancement, interior & exterior coatings, spray insulation, & manhole rehab

UMC can assess failures and corrosion and present a customized solution for long term corrosion protection. The team takes pride in their workmanship and keeps their projects at cost and on schedule.

Image of Pipelines. UMC provides CIPP services, which is a trenchless rehabilitation method to repair existing pipelines

A cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) is a method used to repair existing pipelines. UMC rehabilitates the pipe by inserting and running a felt lining into the pipe for repair.

Diagram of exterior waterproofing solutions which include a polymembrane, sheet drain, and geo fabric for waterproofing foundations.

UMC uses premium materials to carefully and correctly waterproof your home. Through directing the water flow, capillary action, vapor diffusion, and air movement, our professionals will provide a long term solution.

UMC's other services include civil construction, millwrights, concrete construction, concrete leveling, repair, and sealing.

UMC offers Concrete Leveling & Repair Services, Concrete Foundation Repair Services, Concrete Cleaning & Sealing, Concrete Caulking, Millwright work, and Civil Construction like structural concrete, pipe work and more.

UMC Concrete construction crew installing concrete
About Us

UMC is a regional construction company that has all the tools necessary to make your next project a success. Our highly trained personnel work with the industry’s latest equipment to ensure a quality finished product completed in the safest environment for the public, themselves, and your workers and clients.

Utility Maintenance Contractors trailer on job site preparing to repair a manhole.
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UMC provides maintenance & rehab services to clients in commercial, industrial, agricultural, municipal, manufacturing, & food processing sectors. As a complete solutions provider, UMC can extend the working life of your infrastructure.



“We want to express our appreciation for the completion of our complicated project.”

- Tom Jones

“We appreciate the professionalism and quality of work of UMC and their ability to stay on time and on budget.”

- Ted Stangler

Today, many foundation repairs are performed with helical piers to add structural support. We strategically place helical piers in locations where there are active soils because those are the areas that need to be stabilized. Active, or otherwise known as expansive soil, is a soil composition that expands and shifts when moisture is present. When […]

Why You Should ‘Fall’ into UMC Utility Maintenance Contractors(UMC) has so much to offer in foundation repairs. If you are wondering why you should ‘fall’ into UMC this year, here is why. Firstly, we use quality products from Earth Contact Products. In fact, these products are made in America and they are made with American […]

#1 Interior and Exterior Waterproofing There are 5 reasons we can solve your waterproofing issues. Firstly, Utility Maintenance Contractors (UMC) can help with both interior and exterior waterproofing problems. Our workers will collaborate and troubleshoot to find the best solutions to your waterproofing needs! For instance, are you noticing water pooling next to the exterior […]