Horizontal Foundation Cracks

Horizontal foundation cracks are the most serious of foundation cracks. This orientation of a crack in the foundation signifies structural damage. These types of cracks need to be repaired by a foundation repair professional. You cannot repair this type of crack in your foundation with items from a home improvement store. 

Foundation cracks require knowledge of structural support and industry-specific tools and products to effectively restore the structural integrity of the foundation. If horizontal cracks are not repaired correctly and in a timely manner, your foundation can collapse. 

In order to repair horizontal cracks, we will use a variety of foundation repair methods. We will use helical tiebacks in the affected walls to straighten the wall. Once the wall is vertical again, we will need to fix the actual cracks in the walls. In most cases we will use carbon fiber to go over the cracks because they provide strength and stability while also being a waterproofing solution as well. Carbon fiber straps are thin and able to be painted over once installed, making repairs almost unnoticeable. 

Since your waterproofing system is failing to keep water away from your foundation, in addition to the structural support and repair, we will also need to address the waterproofing systems in your home. Depending on your situation and what waterproofing systems are already installed, we will come up with a plan to improve the waterproofing systems so that water is effectively drained away from your foundation. 

If you need foundation cracks repaired, contact our waterproofing and foundations division to schedule a consultation.