Benefits of Drainage Systems

water puddle around a drain

Drainage Systems We Provide

At UMC, there are a variety of waterproofing fixes. One of these fixes is the multitude of drainage systems we can provide. Ultimately, there are several benefits of drainage systems. Essentially, the main benefits of drainage systems are its ability to prevent water pooling and unnecessary flooding. Today we are choosing to explore THREE of our most prominent draining products.

surface drainage basin

PRODUCT #1 – Our surface drainage system protects buildings from excess water issues and irrigation challenges. For instance, these inline catch basins can control the amount of water that builds up around your structure. They can be used to collect water from gutters, downspouts, flower beds, and other landscape areas. Furthermore, this system ensure that water build up appropriately drains. Additionally, it ensures that damaging debris will not get plunged down into piping systems which would increase water excess. Ultimately, the benefit of this particular system is its practicality and long term value.

sub surface products

PRODUCT #2- Our sub-surface drainage systems are of equal quality. This system is considered a below grade waterproofing product. Basically, it protects structures from migrating water. A few of the benefits of this distinct ECP waterproofing membrane is its factory-controlled thickness which eliminates thin spots, its flexibility over cracks, and its resistance to hydrostatic pressure. Furthermore, this unique membrane is both easy to apply, mechanically strong and cost competitive.

drywell pictures

PRODUCT #3- Our final waterproofing drainage product is ECP’s drywell. This system is a sustainable option for storm water runoff. Also, it is easy to install, is made from 100% recycled plastic, and holds approximately 50 gallons of water. This quality manufactured drywell retains storm water on site, and is less expensive than the typical installation of pipe or concrete. One of the best benefits of this products is its ability to expand while holding larger volumes of water.

UMC’s Waterproofing Methods

Contact Us Today, so we can explain more about the benefits of waterproofing and drainage methods. It is vital to take care of the water that clusters around our yard and home to prevent annoying challenges from occurring. Would you like to prevent water pooling and potential flooding? Then call UMC today, so we can find solutions to your potential water drainage issues. It has been a wet season so lets solve these issues now before it may be too late.

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