3 Ways to Waterproof Your Home Before Winter

Waterproofing your home is crucial for keeping your family healthy and your home in good shape. If your current waterproofing system is failing to keep water out of your basement, or you’re not sure if you have a waterproofing system in place, here are 3 ways you can waterproof your home before winter.

waterproof your home before winter

Ways to Waterproof Your Home Before Winter

Repair Basement Cracks

Cracks are the main entry point for water in a basement or crawl space. If you have any cracks in your basement walls or floors, you’ll want to get those repaired before spring. We work with two materials for crack injection. The material we use will ultimately depend on the size of the cracks we’re repairing. We use a special type of epoxy for more traditional cracks that include hairline and other smaller cracks. On the other hand, we’ll opt for polyurethane injection for wider, more severe cracks. 

Install a Sump Pump

A sump pump is a great way to prevent basement flooding after rain or snow thaw. Not only do they pump water out of your basement, they also reduce the risk of mold and mildew by keeping the water out of your basement in the first place. However, in the case that your basement does flood due to extreme weather conditions or a burst pipe, sump pumps can help quickly remove standing water from your basement. An effective sump pump will filter water into a designated basin, usually in the corner of a basement, where water is then pumped out of the basin and away from the home’s foundation.

Encapsulate Your Crawlspace

A damp crawl space can cause countless problems for your home. Not only will you have a musty smell lingering in your home, you’re also giving mold and mildew the perfect conditions to grow and spread. Aside from mold and mildew, damp crawl spaces invite pests like cockroaches, termites, and other destructive creatures into your home. By installing a vapor barrier and a dehumidifier, you’ll reduce the chances of harmful bacteria, fungi, and pests from wreaking havoc on your home. 

Contact Us to Waterproof Your Home Before Winter

To get started on waterproofing your home before winter, contact our waterproofing division. The UMC, LLC waterproofing team is equipped with the knowledge and equipment to get the job done right.