Crack Repair Injection

Why Injection?

concrete crack

Crack injection is a smart choice for waterproofing issues. In fact, it is often thought of as the most economical choice in waterproofing fixes. After time, basement walls begin to crack and these cracks begin to widen as the seasons change and soil pressures increase. Because cracks are often how water enters a home, particularly basements and crawlspaces, crack injection repair is used to bring back the structural integrity of the foundation wall. It is a simple process and has long lasting effects.

ECP Epoxy and Polyurethane images for crack repair injection

ECP Epoxy and Polyurethane

At UMC, there are two types of crack injections: ECP epoxy and Polyurethane Injection Resins. Both options are used to repair crack and air pockets from foundation walls, yet they have distinct differences. For instance, ECP epoxy is used for more traditional wall cracks whereas polyurethane injection is used for wider, more severe cracks.

Contact UMC for Crack Injection Repair

It is important to consult with a waterproofing expert to decide which crack injection repair will be right for you. Please Contact Our Waterproofing & Foundations Division at 316-925-7844.