Common Signs of Foundation Problems

Foundation problems can be overwhelming for homeowners. In most cases there are many signs that homeowners aren’t aware of until the problem is too big to ignore. Knowing what the common signs of foundation problems are can help you pick up on issues before they cause more damage. 

common signs of foundation problems

Common Signs of Foundation Problems

Sloped Floors:

Sloping or uneven floors are a common sign of foundation settlement. Foundation settlement can happen at any time, but it is most common within the first few years of the home being built. 

Sticking Windows & Doors:

Another common sign of foundation problems is sticking windows and doors. Windows and door frames are level when they are installed. A shift in any direction can unbalance the doors or windows in your home, causing them to stick, or open or close on their own. 

Leaning Chimney:

If you have an older home with a brick chimney, you’ll want to watch out for any cracks and leaning. Significant foundation settlement can cause your chimney to collapse, damaging your own home, and possibly your neighbors. 

Wall Cracks:

Cracks in your walls, whether concrete or drywall, are another common sign of foundation damage. Cracks in your wall are caused by shifting and movement of the foundation. The orientation, size, and location of the cracks are also important factors to be aware of. These things can inform us of the type of foundation damage we’re looking at, and how to best repair the underlying issues. 

Floor Cracks:

Like cracks in your walls, cracks in your floors are also a telltale sign of foundation problems. If your home has tile and has cracks that continue to grow and expand, you likely have settlement issues. Cracks in your foundation floor also need to be addressed. Any crack larger than a hairline crack can let in moisture, which can lead to more problems. 

What to do When You Notice these Common Signs:

If you notice any of these signs, contact us! UMC, LLC has all the tools and knowledge necessary to successfully complete any of the repairs needed for these common foundation problems. Our highly trained personnel work with the industry’s latest equipment and cutting-edge foundation repair systems to ensure a quality finished product, completed in the safest way possible.