Efficient Waterproofing Products

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Are Products Really Important?

The Answer is Yes! Choosing waterproofing products is very important. Furthermore, In the waterproofing and foundation repairs industry, we want to ensure our partners and customers alike that we have chosen the most effective products. In other words, this means ensuring protection of the underground parts of buildings against the harmful effects of water. Also, we at Utility Maintenance Contractors(UMC)strive to bring the most efficient waterproofing products from the industry’s leading product manufacturer.

The importance of Efficient Waterproofing Products

Utility Maintenance Contractors has recently partnered with the industry’s leader in providing quality products- Earth Contract Product (ECP). In fact, ECP has “patent and trademark holders on more than 18 items, our Engineering Department strives to supply the very best service and support to our partners.” Consequently, this is the reason Utility Maintenance Contractors chose to partner with ECP. Better yet, ECP’s products are made in America and are are processed with American steel. Now this is efficiency.

ECP Crawl Space System pic.
ECP Crawl Space System

Waterproofing and Foundation Repair

We at Utility Maintenance and Contractors have a variety of services we provide. Additionally, our goal is to provide the “best solutions for your problems.” Moreover, we offer a variety of waterproofing products to fit your waterproofing needs whether you have interior or exterior water challenges. For instance, to prevent moisture from entering a crawlspace, we use a highly effective vapor barrier which “guard{s}against mold, mildew, allergens, fungus, radon gas, methane gas, heat loss due to damp insulation, wood rot, and overall degradation of the crawl space.” Moreover, we use Pro Series Sump Pumps that effectively “keep unhealthy ground water from your home” and comes with the “industry leading warranty.”

Have questions? Consider taking a look at our services. In conclusion, the efficiency of products and the effectiveness of a partnership is essential.

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