‘Fall’ Into Foundation Repairs

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Why You Should ‘Fall’ into UMC

Utility Maintenance Contractors(UMC) has so much to offer in foundation repairs. If you are wondering why you should ‘fall’ into UMC this year, here is why. Firstly, we use quality products from Earth Contact Products. In fact, these products are made in America and they are made with American steel. Furthermore, UMC is committed to finding solutions for all foundation repair issues whether this be for a newer construction, a remodel, or a smaller foundation repair challenge.

A second reason why you should ‘fall’ into UMC is the variety of solutions we offer to fix foundation issues. In fact, not only do these solutions fix your current foundation problems, but they can prevent future foundation issues as well. Read on to learn more about our specific products.

UMC product solutions

Let us discuss three very reliable foundation repair products. The installation of these products will surely solve your foundation repair issues. Firstly, our steel push pier products can help with already settling foundations. Therefore, if you have a weak foundation, steel push piers are a great choice to solve weakened foundations. Actually, our most commonly used push pier is the eccentric system. In fact, it is fully adjustable, has an unlimited lift capability, reduces friction on the lead pier section, and has a 25 year manufacturer’s warranty.

Another great option is the concentric push pier. These steel piers are “the only engineer approved system that eliminates bottle jacks and shims from the lifting process.” In fact, “this unique design assures that the pier will provide many years of structural support without over lifting.” Moreover, the concentric system has a galvanized tubular pier, installs with portable equipment and has little or no vibration during the installation process.

Helical Piers

Helical Piers are effectively installed into the soil to ensure an industry forward foundation. Furthermore, these ECP helical piers are “mechanically “drilled” through the shifting soil to a stable, load-bearing strata.” Then, “after the installation has reached the specified depth and verified capacity, a steel foundation bracket is connected to the helical pier and your home’s foundation.” Similarly to the steel push piers, helical piers have a 25 year manufacturer’s warranty.

There is more

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UMC has so much more to offer! This is why we want you to check out all of our Foundation Repair solutions, so we can find the most effective service for you! Contact our Waterproofing and Foundations Division today!