Foundation Repair

Foundation Repair Capabilities

Foundation repair with ECP wall repair products.

There are lots of issues that begin to crumble in your home because of foundation challenges. In fact, we believe maintaining these foundation issues is imperative for the safety and comfort of all foundation issues. Furthermore, we use Earth Contact Products (ECP) for all of our foundation repair needs.

ECP products are some of the highest quality foundation repair products in the industry. They are made in America with American steel. Check out some of the products we can use to stabilize your weakening foundation:

Steel Push Piers

If you have a weak foundation and need more stability, these products are a great repair solution for settling foundations. There are a few steel pier options to utilize. Our eccentric system is the most common.

push piers

Helical Piers

This product permanently stabilizes your home’s foundation. This pier is mechanically drilled through the soil to give an industry forward foundation.

helical pier

Wall Anchors

If your building is bowing or cracking, these plate anchors will gently maintain your foundation. Overtime, walls are effected by hydrostatic pressures and plate anchors are a simple way to mend this issue.

plate anchor

Helical Tiebacks

This design is used to give more strength to basement or retaining walls. These tiebacks can be used for a variety of applications which makes it a versatile choice.

helical tieback

Concentric Piers

This is another quality steel pier option. In fact, this system eliminates bottle jacks and shims from the lifting process.

concentric steel pier

Fiber Crack Locks

Rhino Fiber Crack Locks are often used in walls to prevent leakage, but they can also be used to mend larger cracks on the foundation floor.

carbon repair

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UMC is capable of working on a variety of foundation repairs. Our goal is to fix your foundation issues in a timely manner. And, we use quality products and quality work to ensure foundations are repaired effectively. Did we mention we give free estimates? Please reach out to a representative so we can discuss which foundation fix you need, and which product may work for you.