Foundation Repairs with Helical Piers

Today, many foundation repairs are performed with helical piers to add structural support. We strategically place helical piers in locations where there are active soils because those are the areas that need to be stabilized.

Foundation Repair with Helical Piers

Active, or otherwise known as expansive soil, is a soil composition that expands and shifts when moisture is present. When the soil is wet, it expands. On the other hand, when the soil is dry, it shrinks. This continuous pattern of expansion and contraction can cause soil beneath the structure to become unstable. Thus, causing foundation settlement.

Helical Underpinning Process

When we encounter a project where we need to stabilize the foundation, we will usually opt for helical piers. Using a process known as Helical Underpinning, we will install helical piers to restore structural support to failing foundations. To install the piers, we mechanically drill them into the soil until we reach suitable load-bearing soil. Once load-bearing soil, or bedrock, has been reached, a steel foundation bracket is attached to the pier for ultimate stabilization.

Once the steel foundation bracket has been installed, we can then lift the home if that is needed. Otherwise, once the weight of the structure has been transferred from the soil to the pier, stabilization is complete! After stabilizing, or lifting the structure if needed, we can begin restoring your landscaping by filling the small holes near the foundation.

Benefits of Helical Piers

Aside from their simple installation, helical piers provide permanent structural support. A few other benefits of using helical piers for foundation repairs include:

  • Little to No Vibration During Installation
  • Immediate Load Transfer Upon Installation
  • Installs Below Active Soils
  • All-Weather Installation
  • Little to No Disturbance to Job Site

Interested in Foundation Repairs with Helical Piers?

Want to hear more about how your home could benefit from foundation repairs with helical piers? Contact us to schedule an inspection! Our team can assist you in choosing which foundation repair method is best for your home.